Nov 2, 2010

ishbel. finished.

When reading, I have a strict one book at a time policy. Knitting, however, is a different proposition and I like to have different projects to suit the mood.

Ishbel, I decided would be an excellent holiday knit. Small enough to not require a huge knitting bag, large enough to last the whole holiday. Easy enough to withstand a few holiday wines, challenging enough to keep me interested.

Like all lace knits, it really came to life with a good blocking. (For the non knitters, blocking is the process of soaking, then laying out and pinning out the finished article to dry. A light iron sometimes is required as well).

Nowhere is it documented that the input of a cat is required.

I really must tell Harvey that.

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Liesl said...

I think Harvey needs to reconsider his choice of craft - he'd be a magnificent sewing pattern weight!

Your Ishbel is beautiful.

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