Sep 23, 2010

the most popular girl at the dance

I've taken a break from knitting up next winter's samples to knit an Ishbel. Is there a more popular project on Ravelry? I get now what all the fuss is about. It is such an easy pattern and is coming along so quickly.

I'm using the One Fat Slug yarn I bought from Kate at the Stitches and Craft Show. It's funny how colours look differently in the skein to in a ball to when knitted up. The knitting has really brought out the shade variation and I'm seeing hints of purple and green that I had not noticed before.

I finally weakened and bought the full set of Knit Pro wooden tips. I ended up selling the metal tips as they were just too sharp for me and I was getting splits in my finger tips from endless hours of contintental knitting which (the way I do it anyway) requires that the tip of the needle be occassionally given a push with an index finger.

I do love the look of the wooden ones and I'm wondering whether I could leave the needles in my knitting and wear it that way, with the needle tips slung jauntily over one shoulder? No?

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