Aug 2, 2009

multi buys

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The supermarket I frequent seems to have gone into buy two, get the third at a reduced price madness of late. The fact that I now have more tins of tomatoes and sardine packets than I could ever use suggests to me that perhaps as a sales tactic, it works.

Never one to walk away from a good marketing opportunity, I've introduced similar listings into my Made It and Etsy shops.

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Having just experienced a vintage button hair accessory making frenzy (now also available at Red Feathers and a Hula Skirt), I've updated both shops with some new colour combinations, plus new buy three at a reduced price listings. Want more than three pairs? Sure you do. Just let me know and I'll do you an even better deal.
The knitted coffee cozies are proving to be winners to and you'll note there's a bulk buy on offer there as well. They are only available in my Made It store as I didn't want to deal with the vagaries of US take away cup sizes. I don't fancy knitting a bucket sized cozy for our US friends and their triple shot / semi skimmed / half and half / soy / decaf / grande / latte / caramel shot / sweetener not sugar beverages.

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