Jun 16, 2009

production central

Melbourne's recent cold snap and last weekend's Queen's Birthday long weekend have allowed me to get lots done.

Firstly there was a button hair clip making marathon, the result of which can be seen above. The majority of these are destined for Noah's Aeroplane in South Yarra, with the remainder going to Sydney to be photographed for the new Shop 4 Kids Magazine extension aimed at girls 7-14.

Secondly I knitted up a couple of mug cozies for a blogger who shall not be named as she may not have given them away as yet.

With that done, I have finally had a chance to knit up some of the yarn so beautifully hand dyed by Wired for Fibre. This super chunky weight wool has a lovely subtle colour variation, and at the risk of sounding like Neil Perry waxing lyrical about a piece of Wagu beef, I wanted to keep the scarf design simple so as to best show off the wool.

I really love how it is looking so far. I think I will make them quite long so that they can be looped around a few different ways. *

As well as the green, I have just taken delivery of the varigated mid blue and purple shown below, plus solid red, olive and two shades of pink.

Once these are done, I am hoping to get a chance to start on some of the patterns that are crowding my brain and keeping me awake at night.

It's a good thing that Wimbledon starts next week, with the Tour de France not long after that. I could be pulling some all nighters if my enthusiasm continues at this pace.

*Edited: I love the green one so much I have decided to keep it for myself, something I have never done before.

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