Mar 1, 2009

lovely new wool

This lovely pile of hand dyed goodness has just found its way into the mountain of yarn that lives in what used to be our sitting room.
Katie at Wired For Fibre has dyed this gorgeous Nundle yarn for me and I couldn't be happier with it. Choose your poison - soft and subtle grey or shades of green.

Mum, wouldn't you just love to be knitting with this right now? Mum...? Are you there? No? Seems she's still avoiding me for fear of being asked to do more knitting.

I've also splashed out and invested in some Addi Turbos. After all the ravings about how good they are on Ravelry I had to check them out for myself. Well worth the dollars I say. What I'd really like is a set of Clicks, as shown below. The points snap into the cords so you can mix and match your cord length and needle size as you like.

At $175 a box I can't really justify them, especially as I'd lose a point down the back of the couch (or under a cinema seat) in no time.

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